About R&D Department
Product design is to change some kind of inspiration, ideas and concepts into a product of creative activity, which is the key to win the market, Product innovation is the fundamental source of enterprise's survival and development.From its very beginning, Sanlida has realized this point and has been focusing on product innnovation.We invested more than 30% of profit every year on product innovation and advanced equipments. We take market demand and continuous innovation as guidance for new product development to maintain international competitiveness and grow stronger. We recommend to customers the best product design, distinctive design to meet customer desire to break the shackles of mediocrity, lead to achieve success.
R & D capabilities
Research and development flow chart
We have 55 experienced R&D engineers who have completed the R&D process. Increase product competitiveness by developing new products and improving existing products, increasing profits and reducing costs for customers.
Quality Focus
A growing expectation from European markets
Cooperation with International labs
  • Products compliance:
    · Products safety
    · Compliance with European and local regulations
    · Partner with world-experts laboratories
  • Products durability:
    · Cyclical testing and determination of breaking point
    · Optimization of our products fatigue period
    · Guaranty our products resistance and endurance

Own lab: Fitness for use (FFU)
Pre-tests before external lab:
    • Full in-house capability with more than 15 types of testing equipment
    • Stability, strength, salt spray, static & fatigue, martindale test, hardness and more
    • Securing the product compliance process
Cooperating further with manufacturers and International labs:
    • Develop and perform FFU tests fulfilling the end user’s demand
    • Bring support and technical advice to manufacturers
    • Provide our expertise to anticipate and avoid products defects
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